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If you’re new to flooring and not entirely sure what material is going to work best for you, B&K Floors is here to help. From carpeting to tile to wood to ceramic, each type of flooring has its own unique features that fits perfectly for a variety of different spaces and industries.

Look over the type of flooring we offer, and if you’re still not sure, give us a call so we can help you make a decision!

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Benefits of LVT

LVT flooring is easy to install and easy to maintain. This type of flooring is also very durable and affordable. Vinyl flooring is waterproof and hardy, making it a beautiful flooring to use anywhere in your commercial space. The designs of LVT comes in many types, LVT offers wood to mosaic designs that are difficult to tell the difference from real wood and tile.

Care & Maintenance

LVT has a lifespan of 25-30 years. It has a protective layer that provides scratch, stain, chip, crack, and dent resistance as well as making maintenance of these floors relatively simple.


There are two options of installation with LVT flooring. LVT can be installed with click lock installation. This is when the pieces of flooring click in place together. The other option is using an adhesive to stick the pieces of LVT down, otherwise known as glue down. This option provides a sturdier installation and is ideal for heavy traffic areas. Installing LVT is much faster than installing other flooring like wood or ceramic.


Benefits of Carpeting

Carpet is a great flooring to choose if you are looking for a flooring that provides insulation, safety, if you are prone to bad allergies. Being thick, and soft carpet is a floor that doesn’t hurt to fall on as much as harder surfaces, making it a safer floor to have in bedrooms. It also traps dust and other allergens and holds them in the flooring rather than the dust floating in the air until the carpet is cleaned.

Care & Maintenance

Carpeting flooring can be kept clean with just a simple vacuum and the occasional deep cleaning as needed. Ways to keep your carpet cleaner for longer is to take of your shoes when walking on the carpets in your home or business and keeping foods and drinks in the rooms where carpets are not installed.


Carpet can be installed in many ways and patterns. If your carpet has a pattern to it, it can be installed as carpet tiles, giving you unlimited options of patterns. All carpet requires an adhesive to glue it down when installing.


Benefits of Wood Flooring

Having wood floors in your home or business will help add value to the property. Wooden floors are also strong and durable and if you take proper care of them, they can last for decades. Another benefit with wood flooring is the color doesn’t fade making it so they rarely need to be replaced.

Care & Maintenance

Caring for wood flooring is relatively easy. To keep them clean you can sweep, mop, steam-clean, or vacuum them. Since wood is much more stain resistant than other flooring like carpet, it is okay to use wood floors in places where food and drinks are provided.


Wood floors can be installed using the glue-down, click-lock, or nail-down method. If you choose the glue-down method this consist of using an adhesive to secure the wood floors down. The click-lock method is one of the newer methods introduced to the market. This is when you attach panels together and they “float” on top of cement or a different type of flooring underneath. The Nail-down method is when you nail the wood pieces in place. When the installation is complete the nails are hardly noticeable.

Athletic Flooring

Benefits of Athletic Flooring

Resilient athletic flooring is a more flexible flooring with elastic properties that help it last longer even though it has the heavy traffic of sporting events or activities on it constantly. When installed properly this flooring is very durable and can last many years. Athletic flooring comes in resilient, which is newer to the market, and wooden athletic flooring installed with the nail-down method. A benefit with athletic flooring is it is versatile. Athletic flooring can be used for basketball/volleyball courts, dance studios, and many other indoor gym activities.

Care & Maintenance

Athletic flooring is water resistant and does not collect dirt so cleaning it is very easy. It can be cleaned with a dry-sweeping or a wet mop. It is important to keep the humidity of the gym or room with athletic flooring at 30-50% to ensure that the floor lasts as long as possible.


Resilient Athletic flooring can be installed with double sided tape, glue/adhesive, or in rubber tiles. It is important before installing the floor, no matter what process you choose, that the area you will be laying your flooring in is clean, free of any dust or dirt. Wood athletic flooring gets installed with the nail-down method to ensure the flooring is as sturdy as possible.

Tile & Stone

Benefits of Wall Tiling

Just like wood flooring, using tile and stone flooring adds value to your home or business. Tile and stone flooring also provide a natural beauty and adds warmth to the area. This type of flooring does not hold dust or other allergens making it an easy floor to keep clean. If you plan to add underfloor heating, then tile and stone should be your choice in flooring.

Care & Maintenance

Cleaning this type of flooring involves a simple wipe down with a cloth or mop. Tile and stone flooring is a very hardy flooring that is scratch resistant and won’t need to be replaced for decades, sometimes lasting a lifetime.


Before installing new tile and stone flooring you must remove all old tile and stone, as well as old thinset. After the area you will be laying your tile and stones is clean you will need to mix your new thinset to spread on the floor and set the flooring pieces in.